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Status symbols.

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If you’re a creative type, it’s less likely that you buy into traditional status symbols than much of the population. It’s quite possible you’re more comfortable with the notion of a car as a means of transport rather than an outward expression of the “inner you”: you have, through your own creativity, found alternative means of expression that that don’t rely on buying something that someone else has conceived, designed and manufactured. Your ability to express is endemic. When it comes to the year-end accounts and you’re looking at the bottom line, don’t forget to add…read more

Gloves off

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With the 10th anniversary of the International League of Conservation Photographers falling this October, I think its time for “conservation photography” to get a whole more angry. Yes, there are examples of successful outcomes resulting from the efforts of photographers and conservationists working together, but these are very much against the run of play. Biodiversity – as good a benchmark as any of the state of the Earth – continues to diminish at a rate far in excess of the normal attrition of evolution (if you don’t buy into evolutionary…read more

Making time for ideas

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I hold to the belief (as I’m not sure how I would prove it) that all “new ideas” originate not in our heads but are ever-present in the ether. They are accessible to anyone in the right state of receptiveness who then acts as a conduit to introduce them to the world. I believe this in part because of the number of times “new ideas” or understanding or enlightenment comes at the same time to unconnected people in different parts of the world as they enquire and probe, wonder and…read more

How people make decisions.

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It’s not safe to make the statement I’m about to without putting a lot of thought into it first. And observation. In fact a lifetime’s (or, in my case, 50 year’s) of each. And while I don’t like what I’ve found to be true, accepting it is the first stage in making your way in this business (and in others too, for all I know.) Tell me, can you spot the odd one out? • Expedience • Economy • Experience • Emotion • Reason Did I make it too easy…? When it comes to…read more