The Field Studio e-book now available. NB

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I’m very pleased to tell you that my new e-book, The Field Studio: how to photo nature on a perfect white background, is now available for download, priced £3.50 (plus 70p VAT for EU clients), from our Carlotta’s Chocolates website. If this seems like an unconventional site from which to buy and an e-book on photography, rest assured it’s just because we have a good e-commerce solution in place for the chocolates so we may as well use it. You might even be tempted by some of Charlotte’s extraordinary chocolates while you are there!

Director of Wild Wonders of Europe, Florian Moellers, has written, “This wonderfully illustrated precious little guide is just perfect to get started with this exciting photography. I already love it, I’ve ordered more ‘stuff’ and will build a new aquarium this week to get started at that end as well – thanks so much for this!”

Nip over to the site for more information.