Guest: Daniel Sweeney, Totalbrand. 2

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Opportunities are EVERYWHERE.

I honestly don’t know any self employed person who works 9 till 5. Flexible hours and a four day week may be part of your new life plan, but in reality you really can’t switch off fully from your pursuits. Unless you have a defined list of clients who provide you with enough steady income to stop you worrying about the future (if that’s you then congratulations, you needn’t bother reading on!), you must remain aware to the business opportunities around you. To give an example, a few months ago I watched a news story on CNN about a climber ascending the frozen ice of Niagara Falls for the first time in history. It made for awe inspiring watching and I couldn’t help but look him up online. Seeing an opportunity I got in touch and have since launched his new website. One more happy client. Whichever field you are in there are chances to reach out, get in touch and interact with new clients; in newspapers, magazines, online and on the street. Training yourself to tune in and pick up on these opportunities is vital.

next week, Daniel tackles the issue of keeping motivated when you work alone.