Status symbols.

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If you’re a creative type, it’s less likely that you buy into traditional status symbols than much of the population. It’s quite possible you’re more comfortable with the notion of a car as a means of transport rather than an outward expression of the “inner you”: you have, through your own creativity, found alternative means of expression that that don’t rely on buying something that someone else has conceived, designed and manufactured. Your ability to express is endemic. When it comes to the year-end accounts and you’re looking at the bottom line, don’t forget to add a few thousand on for the experiences and satisfaction you’ve had in the course of your work that people in “proper jobs” have to buy. You’ll not even need to pay tax on them.

Having said all that, nothing breeds dissatisfaction more than comparing your lot with that of salaried individuals, the value of whose work is beyond our comprehension but nevertheless very well remunerated. Hit the envy brake NOW! The outputs from service jobs in particular leave very little trace over time. Our work endures (the bad for a short time, the good for a bit longer). There is something tangible to show for the work we do – something, sometimes, that may even make someone else’s life richer.

This isn’t a crude matter of “my job is better than your’s”. Rather, it’s a reminder that we are at the forefront of a new economic order that must prevail sooner or later in which personal growth and satisfaction through work matters just as much as the after-tax salary. And if you’re not getting that satisfaction from your personal status symbols –  work you’ve created over time – maybe it’s time to get a “real job”.