2020VISION. Concepts. NB

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The origins of this latest image in the series of conceptual pictures for 2020VISION came about almost two years ago when the team was knocking about ideas for illustrating carbon sequestration and the importance of bogs in this respect. The idea of digging holes to bury bags of C’s was a close as we came to anything at the time and the idea went on the back boiler until recently when, with deadlines looming, I got myself into gear.

Sometimes the words come first, sometimes the image – which I then struggle to find the right words for. In this case, it was the former.  I decided to take a literalist approach and with generous support from other members of the 2020V management team (thank you Mark!) wrote a large cheque to have these giant polystyrene letters cut and transported from Bournemouth. They have been used for only this shoot so far but there are lots of other photos to be made with them (please note, Mr Business Manager.)

I had located a spot of a local boggy bit of moorland a couple of days before that would allow me to photograph the children against the sky in late afternoon once the foreground was cast into shadow. I needed drama and pain.

As it turned out, this was the warmest afternoon of the year so far (Paul in NORTHERN ITALY, please note!) with temperatures getting into double figures and the sky anything but menacing. Nevertheless, with Charlotte’s assistance I set up on 135 cm rotalux just out of shot to the left, then a couple of undiffused Lumedynes behind Iona and to the right of the 2. I set the exposure to darken the sky and provide the main lighting from flash. Just as I had the balance of right, Iona’s friend, formerly supporting the O threw up (off set) and we had to recast, with Charlotte replacing James as the arms coming out of the heather.

“Our Carbon. Their burden”: I think it’s a pretty self explanatory indictment of the legacy we are leaving the next generation. The least can do is to preserve the peat bogs we have left and reinstate these already damaged.